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3Hummer 04-29-2014 12:13 AM

Orlando, FL Hummer offroad park
So I found out about this place a few days ago when browsing the internet that opened up in January its called "Hummer OffRoad Experience" and figured I would share my experience with you guys. As a soon as I heard that they have H1's you can wheel I had to do it, so I called up and scheduled myself a time. I chose to drive their "Safari Hummer" besides some seat modifications to take more people the drivetrain, engine, transmission, ride height everything is closest to a stock H1 (I recently purchased an "03 H1 that will be delivered to me soon so I wanted to drive something as close to that as possible). If your not interested in driving it or have others joining you they can ride along as passengers as well.They have a bunch of trails depending on which Hummer you drive since they have lifted ones, Baja style ones etc. The two tracks I went on were a blast one one was full of hills, ditches, sideslopes etc. And the second one was full of water, mud pits, sand, logs, tires etc. All in all both tracks gave me an opportunity to drive over everything that I would want to see demonstrated in an H1 (besides actually doing it in Moab of course). They have an instructor go along with you in the passenger seat incase anything happens since this place is opened up to anybody with a drivers license regardless of offroad or Hummer experience, I had no problem with it and I am sure everyone on here would do fine as well, but non the less my "instructor" was very nice and we had a good time. My experience from signing in to leaving the facility took a little over an hour and a half. And the guy who owns it is apparently a huge Hummer fan since he opened this entire facility for the purpose off wheeling in an H1. Kudos to him for letting the public have the chance to get their hands on something they would normally not.

All in all it was a great time, and if you are near that area I would highly recommend it, it was a lot of fun and being Hummer fans just made it even better, gave you an opportunity to drive an H1 and off road it. Its technically in Clermont, FL about 25-30 minutes away from the downtown Orlando Area.

Here is the link:

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