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Default Hummer Dealer fails in my opinion

Ok, took the BAB to dealer on Monday after driving back from Moab. to check for a noise in the driveline when coasting (Sewie, Neo (a diesel tech) and I all heard the noise and determined it is something in the driveline), an oil change and finish properly installing the tie rod, I had to install on Steel Bender because it failed there. $360.00 later they say they will not cover the tie rod end. Claim the noise is a bent shield (yes they are bent, the rig has been on the Rubicon and Moab within 30 days) They refused to remove the shields and drive the vehicle to determine where the noise is really coming from. I even offered to pay the tech an hour labor to remove the shields, which by the way, I believe, have to come off anyway to change the oil.

Anyway I am going to pick it up in the morning, remove the shields myself this weekend and drive it to make sure the noise is truly in the driveline.

Long story short, who has the number to Hummer so I can bitch that they will not cover a failed part, even if it was on the trail. We all know it is a concern, why else would we be carrying spares in the back of our rigs? (Thanks Neo. Part of the $360 is my own set to carry)

Bully any chance of posting the 30 seconds of tie rod bending footage. I think Elcovaians would appreciate it. Heck they have already seen a picture of me changing it.
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