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Default Re: Hummer Dealer fails in my opinion

Originally Posted by f5fstop

Especially since they had to remove the shields to change the oil and filter.

Thats what I thought, How did they change the oil without removing the shields?

I do plan on removing the shields and driving it. the noise is getting worse as I drive it.

And as for the Dealership ladder, I am well aware of it. In a previous life I was a service writer for Ford and Toyota. I would have been glad to listen to the customer and charge him to remove the plates.

I guess what I am really pissed about is the fact that my biggest concern, in my opinion a warranty issue, was just looked at like they didn't care. When the noise is still there after shield removal, I plan on making an appointment with the service manager and take him for a short ride to let him listen to the noise. I also checked the records, they only drove the rig 2 miles, not long enough IMHO to search and diagnose a driveline noise.
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