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Default Hx going to become Chevy Blazer?

On wikipedia it states that the H4's underpinning and components will go to the redesigned 2012 colorado, which while were on the the Colorado/Canyon vehicles what ever happened to GM's plan to shut down shreveport?

Anyway assuming The HUMMER brand isn't reinstated which seems as if it may be likely to as I've been reading more and more, Then the possibility of the Blazer coming back out and becoming the offspring of the Hx design seems rather likely.

Truth is (in my opinion) the Hx would be a cash cow if GM doesn't change it from now. The vehicle absolutely looks fantastic has an amazing heritage and it's stance is fierce.

Beside the obvious downside of the HUMMER brand not returning if it was to become a Blazer I highly doubt it would have the basic HUMMER feature such as,
-Full-time 4x4
-Rear diff
-Amazing TC system
-Heavy duty body parts

Additionally I doubt it would have the
removable doors
hardtop(although K5 did)
Removable side fenders
cool seats
Camera system
large tires

Which would destroy it's ability to succeed, in my opinion.

Anways, I saw this and though it was cool, what's your take?
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