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Default Re: Hummer Dealer fails in my opinion

Originally Posted by PARAGON
tie rod failure while off-road is simply not going to be covered unless you have a "special" relationship with your dealer.

If you wheel the truck, things are going to break/bend. It's idiotic to expect GM to cover damage under those circumstances. Tie-rod failure is not the same as driveline failure.

X2 on the tierods! The part didn't "fail." No offence at all BAB, but the drive did. The tierods brake from abuse and overly exerting them. In other words, hammer the gas where you shouldn't and they will bend or snap. Force the steering when they are binded up, they will break. However, a front end alignment and tierod adjustment at $300ish seems a little excesive IMO. At least something farther up into the steering din't break.

For them not to take the shields off at your request...esp. with the offer to pay one hour of labor would have pi$$ed me off though.

IMO, take off your shields and UC protection and drive it. If it still makes the noise, take it back there and tell them that there "profefssional assumption" of the shileds making the noise was inacurate. We did have a bunch of noises from the bent shields/ UC protection on ours though. A 4X4, and a 2X4 works well for bending that stuff back. Use the weight of the truck to do the bending by moving the 4X4 or 2X4 onto different parts of the UC protection. The shileds area little tougher though.

I would try and work this out with your dealer before taking a drastic step and ruining the relationship. It sound like you enjoy your rig and will coninue to wheel it. If that's the case, your going to need that "special realtionship" with your dealer.

Good luck.
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