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Default 98 H1 Stall problem and Electric locks prob

Hi All,

Have a 98 H1 soft top with 6.5 engine. While driving, at random times, it will just shut off. i have to pull over and it will crank over several times till it fires back up and then it will be fine again. No ryme or reason, sometimes it will do it right when i start up in the morning and before i get out of my subdivision it will do it. other times it will wait till its good and hot.

Also have a problem with my locks. have had this since i bought it. the door lock switches only lock, they do not unlock any of the doors. and same with the keyless remote which i still cant figure if its just the design or what, but it only has 1 button and it only locks the doors. so i cant unlock any doors unless i do it with the key or manually unlock them. Would love to start with a wiring diagram for the locking system but cant find one anywhere, Mitchell, Alldata dont have it.

Thanks to all in advance for any help you can provide.
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