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Default Re: PLEASE HELP, Rattles ugh !!!

Originally Posted by HumbleAg
I'll agree with Ducky on this, although I don't have the benefit of his experience (I'm only 46 and my hearing is good).

I have my second H3. The first one was an early manufacture '06 model and it never had a rattle at all. 20 months and 40k miles and it was still tight and noise free.

Second one is at 37k and one small rattle has just started. It is in the headliner right at the junction over the drivers door. Not very noisy, but in a bad place (right by my ear). Going back to the dealer as soon as I can manage to part with it for a few days.

Overall, both are the tightest, quietest SUV's I've ever owned (includes a Lexus RX300 that had dash rattle early on).

I anticipate number 3 being the same....

HUmble, Have you and ducky ever taken them off-road. I wonder if its only when you wheel these trucks they begin to I make my Hummer twist in positions that would be illegal in some states and after every event I creak and crack more :-)

We should start a vote/poll for creaks and Rattles so we can get an idea of how many actually do.
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