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Old 06-26-2015, 09:24 PM
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Default H3 Stuck Key

After searching for any related threads and not finding more on this subject, I am now posting my problem.

Yesterday after driving around town, stopping, and starting, and removing my key multiple times, I arrived home and was not able to turn the key past the ACC position to the LOCK position. I checked the usual symptoms like the battery and moving the wheels, but I was still unable to move the key. I read about a button on the ignition cylinder which would allow me to remove the key. I removed all of the plastic trim around the steering wheel and could not find this button anywhere. Is there such a thing? If so, where?

This morning, after reading a related thread in the "other Hummer" forum, I removed the ignition switch lock solenoid. The key freely moved to the LOCK position and I was able to remove the key. I am able to start the vehicle and operate it normally. What does this solenoid do? The vehicle stays in PARK, the locks unlock automatically, and the indicator light on the dashboard shows I'm in PARK, so I don't think the parking solenoid is at fault. Could a fuse be blown? If so, which fuse?

I ventured down to Van Chevrolet in KC to find a replacement solenoid. It is on backorder! The parts guy indicated my problem could be with my key as he mentioned the key was slightly bent and worn. He also told me this was a chipped key since the $29 price tag indicated it might be. I'm fairly certain the 2007 H3 key is not "chipped". Can I get a confirmation on this? I'm now using my other key but haven't checked on if the solenoid works with the less worn key.

If I were to replace the solenoid, is it a matter of connecting it to the wire and slipping it into the lock cylinder until it clicks? What else could cause this? Like I said, everything was fine until I got home!

Over the years, I've also observed where there's minor difficulty turning the key on, like the core is catching. How difficult is it to remove the core and replace it?


2007 Hummer H3 Luxury/Adventure - Slate Blue Metallic; OEM Rocker Panel rails
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Old 06-27-2015, 05:20 PM
stefantj stefantj is offline
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Default Re: H3 Stuck Key

YES, the stuck key.....I own a 2006 which I purchased NEW in Sept. 2006,....It has 46,00 miles on it...Every so often I too have a "slight" issue removing the key from the "locked" ignition switch position....I wait about a minute and it can turn to the locked position for removal !?! ?...ALSO, I had a spare NON-CHIPPED standard key may at my local key shop AND it does indeed work as a starting key should I lose the original key! So IDK whats up with that ?!?....................BUT, the original factory key WILL not unlock my driver's door BUT the cheap key shop key will !!!! Hope everyonc can follow this dialog. T.J.
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Old 06-30-2015, 12:01 AM
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Default Re: H3 Stuck Key

My fianc? had this happen in her Sequoya. Her dad is a master mechanic, and his advice was to put a towel next to the insert and spray a good shot of PB blaster down the solenoid. Whether this is the best advice, I cannot say, but we did it, and she hasn't had a problem since. Just my amateur two cents.
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