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Source Motors - custom. accessories.

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Old 10-23-2018, 04:08 AM
dna dna is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2005
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dna is off the scale
Default pissed with rock chips - thinkin of building a custom windshield protector

Had my 2003 H2 for 14 years now - I live in Calgary where we have a long cold winter and the government road department uses lots of rocks on the roads for traction. No surprise that I can't even remember how many windshields I have gone through. Though the last one really pissed me off - I replaced my windshield in May and literally the same day got a huge rock chip which now in the colder weather spread and destroyed my windshield (and yes, I did have the chip patched the next day but it was just too big).

So I now have a new windshield again. I am seriously thinking of building some type of custom windshield protector. I'm thinking wire mess (chicken wire) with metal edges. I have a gobi roof rack and can easily build some type of attachment where it attaches to the rack and swings up when not in - then when I want it I would swing it over my windshield

I'm in the earlier stages of planning this out. But wanted some feedback. Anyone ever build some type of physical protector??? Any pictures??? Would it be legal to have chicken wire infront of my windshield??? What do you guys think it would look like - cool or stupid??? My H2 has the rugged look, with 37s and the gobi and front rack with a 10000 winch on the front bumper, so I think the mess would actually look cool???? I'm also thinking of a big sheet of plexi which I would also had brackets to, which would attach to my gobi on the top and then attach to the front rack - so it would be very slopped so rocks would just glide off and protect my windshield.

Again, want some opinions and feedback on what you think of my idea, and whether it would be legal or just asking to get pulled over. BTW - for reference it isn't that expensive to get a new windshield here - My last 2 where $180 CDN (taxes in) and the last one $170CDN (taxes in). So my other option is just to accept cracked windshield and keep spending between $175-$350 a year for new glass.
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Old 11-20-2018, 04:38 AM
glennf1 glennf1 is offline
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Default Re: pissed with rock chips - thinkin of building a custom windshield protector

What about the clear bras that new dealers put on the fronts of cars? They're put on like window tint so it's completely smooth and wouldn't obstruct visibility and is actually made is resist rocks:
2005 H2 SUT
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