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Old 11-08-2014, 04:16 PM
blindzebra's Avatar
blindzebra blindzebra is offline
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Default Hendrick Cadillac Hummer diagnosis

So I notice my front passenger tire is starting to scallop a little bit on the outer edge as well as hearing a slight click coming from that side while taking left turns (barely audible with all air and radio off), and I take it into Hendrick Cadillac /Hummer for a free diagnosis. Keep in mind this is an 08 Alpha with 79k that spends most of its time on the road, with responsible wheeling on the beach; in addition, there's no shimmy shake or pull when driving with no hands on the wheel. After a little while, the associate takes me to the back to show me what is wrong with my truck. He tells me that I need both right and left control arms replaced, inner and outer passenger side tie rods, and the passenger wheel bearing was almost gone. I found this to be quite odd for 79k, so I just decided to play along. When I asked if a simple alignment would help, the associate swore up and down that it would just be a waste of money and he wouldn't even do it without replacing the aforementioned parts for the tune of close to $3,000. Becoming a little more heated internally, I decided to play along and ask what the typical tie rod life for the Alphas was, and his response was, "I see tie rods of H3's go out the time at 50k. At this I just had to laugh.

Of course I said thank you, removed his anatomy from my anatomy, and went on down the road with no repair done. Luckily a friend recommended taking it down to an x-nascar mechanic to have him take a look. He refused any payment for his time, but after 30 minutes in the bay, he returned visibly irritated. His response to me was, "There's not a D*** thing wrong with your front end! There's a little bit of play in your inner passenger tie-rod, but nothing that I would even touch in a heavy 4x4. Go down to this shop and get an alignment after you tell them that I sent you."

Needless to say, the other shop took a look at the front end too and just stood there shaking their head at the ludicrousness of Hendrick Cadillac / Hummer's attempted fleecing.

The moral of the story is I got my problem fixed for a $60 alignment instead of Hendrick's $3,000 estimate, and my new friend the mechanic and his crew received a liquid Friday thank you of Jack Daniels and commemorative glasses since he would not accept any payment.
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Old 11-20-2014, 04:31 PM
iwillnc's Avatar
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Default Re: Hendrick Cadillac Hummer diagnosis

There's always something there that isn't right, being a masochistic type, I kept going back for warranty, and I'm probably about to have them do Hummer specific work.
They replaced my driver side front diff seal ~6 times, still leaks, my dash has been apart 6-7 times for the recirculate actuator, all under warranty of course.
Of course I went to another GMC caddy dealer about the recirculate actuator and within 10 minutes they told me the cable that attaches to the actuator wasn't making full contact and causing it to become un functional as it settled.
Not going to say they're terrible, but I wouldn't let my guard down.
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Old 01-22-2015, 02:03 PM
HummerMann's Avatar
HummerMann HummerMann is offline
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Default Re: Hendrick Cadillac Hummer diagnosis

You have to be so careful when you take your car to a stealership. Right after Hummer went out of business, my wife took her H3 to a Cadillac stealership with that oil canning popping noise in the floorboards. They quoted her $2600 to fix the problem by replacing the body and engine mounts. I bought the body mounts online for $110 and put the new ones in in an afternoon with the help of my mechanically inclined son. What the engine mounts have to do with oil canning still makes me scratch my head. They also recommended a differential and transfer case flush and refill for $845. Buyer beware!

Hummer, like nothing else
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