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Old 04-13-2016, 06:23 PM
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Default help with shopping list - coil conversion new shocks

Posted this on hummerforums a couple days ago and am getting no help! Hopefully one of you can comment for me.

My 2006 SUT was sagging for a week or so and wasn't going back up on its own so I'm going to go for the coil conversion and remove the air suspension. The truck has 118,000 miles on original suspension so I figured I would do shocks front and rear at the same time.

I'm also due for tires and have a set of 22" factory (MC2) wheels that I'm going to buy some 37" tires for. - Falken Wildpeak 37, 13.5 22 or toyo open country rt 37 12.5 22. Leaning towards Falken $365 per tire vs $450 for Toyo's, best price I could find.

With all of that I'm going to do a minor lift in the front by cranking the torsion keys, and I was wondering if I should get some sort of spacers for the new coil springs in back to raise it a little. I didn't know how to identify or search for those however.

So far my shopping list:
- rear shocks - Bilstein 24-185912 4600 Series Rear Shock
- front shocks - Bilstein 24-186735 Front Shock
- Coils - Arnott C-2138 Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit for Hummer H2
- Coil Seats - Moog K160072 Coil Spring Seat (the Arnott docs say you don't need them but everyone here says you do?)

First of all - is there anything else I need while I'm doing this? Thoughts on the products I am buying? I'm not looking for a big lift - just enough to ensure adequate clearance of the 37's, and to level out the look of the truck.

The front shocks say they are for a 0-2.5" torsion key lift. I didn't find a rear shock on Bilstein's site that had the same spec so I went with original.

Anything other components that you would highly recommend I replace/upgrade while doing this?

AIR SUSPENSION STORY - my air suspension light has been on for two years but the system continued to work (dash button to extend height and inflator button in rear don't do anything). When I put the key in the ignition and turn to the accessory position, I usually hear 4 short bursts of what I am assuming is the compressor leveling up the back. Lately I'm still getting the 4 bursts, but after sitting for 10 days un-driven, the truck had settled down on the stops and wasn't coming back up on its own.. I managed to get the back end up again by having my wife sit in the drivers seat and turn the key on and off about 2 dozen times to get the bursts while I held a tire inflator from my garage compressor on the inflator valve in the rear. Three days later and the back end is still up in the air so now I'm wondering if I should do the coils or wait some more...

Thanks for any insights - I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseam on here but the key question I have is choosing the shocks and spacers!
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