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jersey 08-11-2016 04:36 AM

Help, I can't see...Charcoal Canister Blues Photos Added
Diabetes has unfortunately stripped me of my ability to see things up close with clear definition. That said, I'm still a DIY'er when it comes to fixing things and replacing parts. Just installed a new radiator the other day in my '06 H3 and since it was going to be down and out I figured I'd address the check engine light issue too. Code PO455 evap gross leak. I researched and saw some suggest it was the gas cap, I replaced that with a new in box spare I had on hand and the code persisted. I googled it and learned a number of people were having luck swapping out the solenoid on the charcoal canister. I bought a new on from AC Delco for 20 odd dollars and this morning shimmied under the rear of the H3. One bolt holds it in place, and that came right out. That frees up the box so it can move around a bit, BUT there are two hoses attached and my damn eyes, even with glasses on, can't bring the connectors into focus so I have no way of telling how to disconnect them. I tried to take pictures with my cellphone but can't catch the angle that shows the connector mechanism. If anyone has any clear photos, or instructions about how to do it I'll take another stab in the dark at it.

EDIT: My dutiful son paid a visit and took some better photos than I could.
Maybe with these in play someone here can offer advice on how to remove the 2 hoses in question: Thanks in advance for any replies.

In photo 1, the center hose, it looks like you push in the black button to remove the white connector?
In photos 3 and 4, the far hose, it looks like you have to squeeze 2 black tabs with the number
10 at the same time pull the white handles on them to release it?

Does that sound/look right?

jersey 08-11-2016 08:19 PM

Re: Help, I can't see...Charcoal Canister Blues Photos Added
Problem solved. It wasn't the little tabs with the 10 for the far hose it was the black part of the 2 knuckles. PLUS once I got the 1st hose off I was able to swing the box all the way down hanging to where it was close enough to see it with my glasses on. Took a little effort to both push it in and squeeze but once it clears the retaining ring on the canister tube it's good to go.

For the middle tab, same thing, push it towards the canister, press in the black button and it pops right off. Better still on reinstall, it pops back on.

Codes PO 442 and PO 455 are both gone!

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