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Default Re: H2 160K Overhaul

Originally Posted by jarek m
I got a new problem to play with, the truck won't start. It actually stalled in the entrance of the gas station, but filing up didn't make a difference.

Things that were happening over couple of weeks before.
Speedometer showing random speeds
Service air massage coming on and off at will
New installed in Sept battery dead three times

Here is what it looks like now (notice there are no icons ligating up but the check engine light, no codes though) :

Things I've done recently that could be related:
Battery new (Got another one)
Alternator new
Ignition switch (three years old)

What happened to this video? I'm having issues with my instrument cluster, windows, air suspension button, seat heater buttons and a couple of other things and trying to find a common denominator. Ideas?
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