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Default Re: H2 vs JEEP End all showdown in MOAB VIDEO!

This has prolly already been said somewhere along the line in the 111 page thread...much respect goes out to AMC Jeeps (at least from me). Without the AMC Jeep we wouldn't have the AMG/GMC Hummer.

Our trucks are an evolution of the AMC line. A heritage we can be proud of...

I've got mixed feelings about these Chysler Jeeps, but the AMCs are like our old, crazy uncle. They are the off-road machines of their time...AMG and GMC simply took it to the next level by bringing 'creature comforts' along for the ride.

Our rides truly are like nothing else. If the modern day Jeepster dislike us, f*ck'em. The Hummer brand may be gone but it will NOT be forgotten. I wear my Hummer gear and drive my Hummer truck with pride. My sh!t is ALWAYS dirty 'cause my sh!t is always somewhere where it's not suppose to be; and I strut that dirt with pride in front of the hundreds of poser Chrysler Jeep owners with a smile and a big middle finger.

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