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Default Re: The forum has died

Originally Posted by 3Hummer
Yes sir! Thank you! Here's a pic! It sleeps inside and I hand wash it every month (or sooner if needed) and a fresh hand wax when needed! I can guarantee its the cleanest looking Cessna you've ever seen! sorry for the bad resolution picture i had to use one form my phone so it would fit the proper size dimension to upload....PS I literally live for airplanes and flying so if anyone ever wants to talk aviation, you can come to me!

and I vote yes for a Facebook group as well!!! The current hummer fb groups aren't too great : (

Once again, very nice.
I had a 1974 210, that I bought new and sold it in 1999, because I just wasn't using it enough. I really do miss it. It was such a comfortable plane and just about impossible to get out of cg.
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