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Default Part # for H2 roof rack locking endcaps?

Can anyone please tell me the part # for the locking (left side) roof luggage rack black plastic endcaps for the H2?
Tried for an hour to look it up online, but nothing.

I would like OEM ones, not aftermarket metal ones.

A couple of mine somehow cracked the plastic deep inside the caps and lock cylinders fell out. Really do not know how that could have happened?

Help! Thanks.

BTW: What happened to this website? Did it get hijacked? The links on the left of the page go to weird pages, or are 404'd. Some go to some Elcova company blog. Classifieds link goes there also, although it for a split-second showed the classified page. My computer is not virused, maybe this website is? Weird. Is this site dying. I see nobody is maintaining it.
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